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How To Avoid Holiday Stress

How To Avoid Holiday Stress

The holidays are a time for family and loved ones to enjoy traditions and time together, but oftentimes preparing for those traditions is stress-inducing. Because Live Well Chiropractic Center knows that stress can be a trigger for headaches and tension pain, here are a few things you can do to relieve that holiday stress so you can enjoy the season stress-free.

Remembering The Reason For The Season

Whether the season for you is about religious meaning or simply spending time with loved ones, whenever you feel yourself tensing up, focus on your reason for the season and keep that as your goal. Your home isn’t completely clean or you’ve burnt the rolls? Remember your goals and let the little things slide. No one is going to care about that dust bunny only you can see or that you went without rolls this year.

Plan What You Can

The day you’re expecting guests can be stressful enough without running out of the one ingredient you need to finish the meal. A few weeks before, take the time to create lists, and like Santa, check them twice. Also, prep what you can to help with the cleanup before it’s needed. Save a few grocery bags so your guests can easily take home their gifts with ease. Do you have enough aluminum foil or Tupperware to quickly put the leftovers away? Not having to hunt for that Tupperware lid will mean you can quickly get back to the fun. Plan for the unexpected in advance so you can be in-the-moment the day of.

Prepare For The Preschoolers

This age group is often the toughest to entertain at holiday gatherings, so be ready for them with easy distractions. Have an age-appropriate movie on standby for when they need some quiet time, some pre-cut veggies ready for a quick snack, and a hands-on activity like coloring books set up in an area where you can keep an eye on them but still enjoy being with the adults.

Live Well Chiropractic Center wants you to stay safe and avoid injury, especially when hanging decorations! If you are experiencing any pain or tension headaches, please schedule an appointment with us. We will help you stay healthy and pain-free so you can enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Contact us today at 513-285-7482 to schedule an appointment, and be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for our latest tips and updates!

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