There are three main phases in your chiropractic care: Pain Relief, Stabilization, and Maintenance. Each one is equally essential in getting you out of pain and into the proper spinal alignment to prevent future pain.

Phase 1: Pain Relief

You may have decided to visit a chiropractor to minimize your pain, but you’ll soon discover that subluxations in your spine are affecting you more than you think. Subluxations are when the misalignment of the vertebrae is causing nerve interference. This pinch of the nerve can impact many areas and organs of the body causing a lot of discomfort in ways that you notice, such as pain, but also in ways you might never relate to a “back problem.”

To relieve the pain we must remove the pressure off of the nerve from the spine. The adjustment gradually moves your spine back in alignment and away from the nerve allowing the body to heal itself.

Pain is always the last to show and the first to go. Just because you are feeling better and pain free doesn’t mean the pain won’t return. This phase is only the beginning of your care. Maintain your healthy lifestyle by consistently visiting a chiropractor even once you are out of pain.

Phase 2: Stabilization

Since your spine has been misaligned for a long time, your body has now accepted the misalignment as being correct. Therefore, the body, muscles, and spine must be retrained. This takes time! Unless the spine and joints are retrained with adjustments and kept in the proper position for a longer period of time, your body will naturally go right back into the misaligned condition.

By retraining the spine consistently, you will have better spinal and nervous system health. Just like exercise, it takes more than a couple visits to notice life-changing, eternal improvements. This is something that you must work at over time in order to have a more functional and healthy lifestyle

Phase 3: Wellness

Once you reach a stabilized condition, we will dismiss you from active care and recommend a preventive health care plan. This is the same concept applied by other doctors: check-ups. None of your other doctors tell you that you never have to come back for the rest of your life. Chiropractic care is the same way.

In order to stay healthy, you need to maintain the proper alignment of your spine so you can work, play, and live a life free of pain. Regular check-ups and adjustments by your chiropractor will ensure that you spine and nervous system are functioning properly, accurately, and to their full potential.

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