Five Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Five Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common complaint among people of all ages. Additionally, those who work in office settings – as well as people whose work is physically demanding – can experience lower back pain for different reasons. Understanding five different kinds of lower back pain and its causes may help you make an informed decision about what you can do to avoid or manage your back pain.

Muscle or ligament tear, pull or strain

By far, the most common cause for lower back pain among people of any age or occupation is the straining, pulling or tearing of a lower back muscle or ligament. A tear, pull or strain is usually caused by improperly lifting, pushing or pulling a heavy object. Usually, this kind of lower back pain can be avoided by learning safe lifting techniques.

Joint dysfunction

When the joints in your hips and spine begin to lose their elasticity and cushioning function due to either protracted use or age, you can experience lower back pain. The pain may occur during normal, everyday movements such as standing up after sitting, or when remaining seated for an extended period of time. Most people tend to make mechanical adjustments in the way they move to accommodate or avoid this kind of lower back pain, which can cause problems in other locations on the body.

Spinal irregularities

Two common spinal irregularities that may cause lower back pain are scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal). Scoliosis most often is diagnosed during youth while the bones are growing, and spinal stenosis usually occurs in adults, resulting from regular use or repeated movement over time.

Bone or joint degeneration

Two forms of bone and joint degeneration that can cause lower back pain – osteoporosis and arthritis – seem to be most familiar among older adults. However, either can occur in children or teens who have an underlying medical condition or genetic disorder. Popular ways of treating bone and joint degeneration, in order to avoid the accompanying lower back pain, is through the use of dietary supplements.


Any form of injury, trauma or fracture to the back or pelvis, including a herniated or ruptured disc, could be the source of chronic lower back pain. These kinds of injuries should always be taken seriously, and they should be treated immediately by medical specialists. Although surgery and medication are often go-to treatments, some injuries and pain management are better handled with natural and non-invasive care.

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